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This Realtor is cooking

In 1985, Lovelady opened Blue and White Shops, a goumet housewares store in Mountain Brook Village that served lunch. Though he sold the store in 1989, and it has since closed, one recipe follows him around town: the chunky honey mustard chicken salad. Here is the popular recipe:

Blue and White Cafe’s Chunky Honey Mustard Chicken Salad
1 cup of walnut pieces
¾ pound boiled, drained chicken tenders
3-4 celery ribs, cut into ½ inch pieces (include some leaves)
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
½ cup “Honeycup” mustard*
1 cup of mayonnaise
Salt, to taste

Cool chicken until very cold and meat is firm. Cut into chunks. Layer celery, walnuts, and pepper on top. Salad can be held at this point until ready to serve. At serving time, add mustard and mayonnaise on top of layers and gently fold ingredients together to keep chunks chunky.

*Honeycup brand mustard has a great flavor and is one of the few that is thick enough to give the salad the proper consistency. Although only white meat is used in the recipe, some dark meat can be cooked along with the tenders to add flavor.

In The News

Birmingham News Realtor Profile
By Ashley Johnson
Special assignments writer
January 27, 2007

Rick Lovelady and the Amazing Live Sea Monkeys

Rick Lovelady and the Amazing Live Sea Monkeys playing at Avondale Park.

From rock ‘N’ roll to real estate- and everything in between.
Even if you’re new to the housing market, you may have already heard of Rick Lovelady- or at least heard his voice. The Realtor spends his days selling homes across the greater Birmingham area, and his free time practicing and performing with two bands at private functions and local clubs such as Oasis.

“I’m primarily a singer,” said Lovelady, who does lead vocals and drumming for The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys and guitar and vocals for The Hearts, but I fill in where they need me.” The bands perform mostly covers, but The Hearts’ playlist includes a few original pieces.

Lovelady began playing years ago, even moving to Los Angeles to follow his dream of becoming a professional musician.

“I moved to Birmingham when I was ten days old, and have lived here ever since, except for the two years out west,” he said.

He credits his early passion and work ethic for his current career in real estate. “I’ve been fortunate to work with talented people that are very supportive,” said Lovelady of both his musical and Realtor careers. “In the company and in rock ‘n’ roll, you must work as a team.”

While Lovelady admits that most teens learn teamwork through athletics, he credits his early band experiences. “When you’re working with four, five, or six guys, and you’ve got to perform, you learn to work together.”

While his dreams of on-stage stardom smoldered steadily in the wings, Lovelady began a life-long career in sales. “Selling house wares will teach you a lot,” he said. He worked at several local and national chains before opening his own gourmet store lunch stop, Blue and White Shops, in Mountain Brook Village.

“It’s my claim to fame,” said Lovelady. “I was a house wares aficionado.”

While owning and operating the store from 1985-1989, Lovelady gained several repeat customers, including his current boss at Lawrence-Arendall-Humphries Real Estate, Inc. “My first goal was keeping the customers interests at heart,” said Lovelady. You’ll be surprised where you’ll end up. The experiences you have to go with you from your old career into your new career. You just never know.”

Rick Lovelady and The Hearts

Between band practice, gigs and showing homes, Lovelady and his wife of 12 years, Suzanne Baker, take care of their brood of six pets. “We have two cats and four dogs,” Lovelady said. “The dogs range in size from Corgi to Rottweiler, like stair steps.”

The son of a dog trainer, Lovelady claims to have a few tricks when it comes to training. “Every day is a new day.” One of his felines, Danny, is named after Hurricane Danny, because they found him lost on a beach after the storm and adopted him.